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Unleash your creativity and design the composite door of your dreams with our innovative 3D Door Designer. And the best part? You can see exactly how it will look on your own home. Get started now and make your dream door a reality.

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About Bristol Composite Doors

Bristol Composite Doors proudly brings its extensive expertise to every installation, supported by its parent company, White Oak Windows Limited. Since our inception in 2020 in Bristol, South West England, we have gained a reputation for providing top-notch security and unbeatable performance.
Our expertise lies in a diverse assortment of top-notch composite doors, comprising elegant front doors, rear doors, double doors, stable doors, and French doors.  The durability of our composite doors is widely recognized. They incorporate state-of-the-art security innovations, resulting in a sturdy and enduring structure.
These doors are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property while ensuring maximum security. Use our 3D Design Your Door quoting engine to find your dream installation today.
Bristol Composite Doors

Get started now and make your dream door a reality.

Use our innovative 3D Door Designer to see exactly how it will look on your own home.
Bristol Composite Front Doors
Front Doors
The entrance to your home serves as a welcoming and lasting image for anyone who visits. It symbolizes the gateway to your treasured abode, where you create unforgettable moments and display your most valuable possessions.
Rear Door
Back Doors
Composite back entrances are growing in popularity among homeowners as they offer remarkable resilience and durability. Unwanted visitors attempting to break into your home will encounter significant difficulties gaining access.
Stable Doors
Stable Doors
In the past, composite stable doors were commonly found in charming cottages or rural properties with historical significance. These doors are frequently seen in countryside homes, farmhouses and quaint structures.
French Doors
Composite French doors are an outstanding enhancement to any household, allowing you to effortlessly transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring maximum protection with our collection of double doors.

Why choose a Composite Door?

With a robust solid timber core that measures a whopping 48mm in thickness, Endurance doors are a remarkable 10% thicker than the majority of doors available in the market. This significant difference helps decrease the likelihood of burglaries by a remarkable 75% in properties where these doors are installed.  With these extraordinary features, it’s evident that Endurance doors are the ultimate choice for both home security and homeowner peace of mind. 

Solid To The Core

The strength and security of Endurance doors are well-known. Our solid timber core, which is 48mm thick and made of cross-bonded veneered laminated material, is extremely strong and stable.

Designed for Security

Endurance door design places great importance on the security. We guarantee this by subjecting our doors to extensive testing procedures to replicate the most common forms of attempted burglary.

Environmental Values

As a supporter of the World Land Trust, Endurance actively strives to minimize our carbon footprint and emissions. We soley use 100% traceable wood from northern forests. Each tree felled for our production is replaced with 4 seedlings.

£2,000 Guarantee

If, within 10 Years of installation, a burglary were to occur and access was obtained by breaking a ABS Master lock, Avocet Hardware, our esteemed partners, will pay you £2000.

ABS Master Cylinder

Our composite doors come equipped with the ABS Master cylinder to give you total peace of mind. This high-security locking system meets the requirements of the British Kitemark, TS007 3* and Sold Secure Diamond testing criteria.

Sound Proof Doors

Enjoy exceptional acoustic performance when you invest in our range of soundproof Endurance doors, precision-engineered to provide elegant style for your home and reduce noise pollution

Secured By Design

Endurance composite doors are accredited with Secured by Design (SBD) approval as part of the Police Crime Preventions Initiative. Tested to PAS 24 2016 and have shown complete compliance.

Key Protection

To maximise this aspect of security, the ABS cylinder includes hardened anti-drill pins throughout its body and plug. Its anti-pick and anti-bump pins enable multi-zone pick and bump key protection.

Keep The Heat

 Investing in a thermally efficient composite door is a truly smart choice! Not only will it trim down your heating expenses, but it will also provide you with a sense of total tranquillity, knowing that you've made the perfect decision for your beloved abode.

Book Your Appointment

If you’re seeking a quotation from Bristol Composite Doors, schedule a free appointment with one of our Sales Designers today. Alternatively, you can utilise our state-of-the-art 3D Door Designer to create your own custom composite doors and get your new door expertly fitted.

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