ABS Master Cylinder

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The ABS Master Cylinder

The ABS Master cylinder is a cutting-edge method for safeguarding your residence. Our Endurance composite doors come equipped with this advanced locking system. We have full faith in its capabilities, and in the rare event that it malfunctions, you will be covered by the £2000 Security Guarantee. Get yours activated today.
The precision-engineered locking systems are designed to activate when facing potential intruders, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. Consider purchasing the most durable and secure composite doors offered by Bristol Composite Doors.


Feel confident with our composite doors featuring the top-of-the-line ABS Master cylinder, providing you with ultimate security. This high-tech locking system meets the standards of the British Kitemark, TS007 3* and Sold Secure Diamond testing criteria. And it's also approved by Secured by Design (SBD) as part of the Police Crime Preventions Initiative, giving you peace of mind.

The ABS Master cylinder is carefully crafted to withstand any known attempts to breach a euro cylinder, ensuring that any potential trespassers are unable to gain access. Even in the event of a forced entry, the cylinder will continue to remain secure and can still be operated from the inside in most scenarios. Our advanced composite door security systems are created with your safety as the top priority.

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