Thermal Performance

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Keeping the heat

Highest standards of thermal performance.

At Bristol Composite Doors, we value the significance of thermal efficiency in our composite doors. When you decide to upgrade your front door, our goal is to ensure that your home becomes cozier throughout the year. Investing in a thermally efficient composite door is a smart move, as it not only saves you money on heating costs, but also provides assurance that you’ve chosen the best option for your home.
By installing Endurance Doors, Bristol Composite Doors offers exceptional thermal efficiency in addition to increased security, weather resistance, durability, and unique bespoke design. Customize your composite door online to enhance your home without sacrificing quality. With a variety of customization options available, you can ensure that your door not only looks as desired but also provides the necessary thermal efficiency.


If you are looking to improve the thermal efficiency of your composite doors, you have the option to upgrade to triple glazing instead of our usual double glazing. We have a variety of glazing options available, each with different levels of transparency to give you the privacy you desire. You can also customize the appearance of your doors with modern, traditional, or intermediate glass designs to suit your style.

Our composite doors offer superior thermal performance compared to many other options available today, whether you opt for double or triple glazing. The glazing is a crucial aspect for ensuring the thermal efficiency of the composite door, and we have a variety of glass options to suit your home's design without sacrificing style, performance or thermal efficiency. Both double and triple glazing are worthwhile investments for your home, providing complete assurance for sound, energy, and thermal insulation.

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