Green Credentials

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Environmental Values

Dealing with the challenges of climate change. 

Our commitment to the environment is a top priority for us, and all of our windows come with an A+ energy rating as a standard feature. By using energy efficient windows, you can lower your fuel expenses and decrease CO2 emissions, thereby minimizing the environmental impact and contribution to global warming when heating your home.
Rest assured that our manufacturing processes are sustainable. Our partners, Endurance source all their wood from northern forests and ensure that each tree cut down is replaced with 4 seedlings. The production of the Ketro LVL solid core has a carbon-negative impact from the forest to the mill. None of the production waste ends up in landfills.

A+ rated for energy efficiency

All our composite doors have excellent rating for energy efficiency.

Save £100s while saving the environment

Minimizing energy waste enables cost savings and contributes to environmental conservation.

100% traceable wood from northern forests

Each tree felled for the production is replaced with 4 seedlings by our suppliers.

Carbon Negative and zero waste

Production of doors from the forest floor to the mill is cardon negative. 0% waist is sent to landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your environmental vaules?

The wood for our doors comes from Finnish forests that are carefully managed to balance the needs of people, the economy, and the environment. We plant 4 new seedlings for each tree we use for production, ensuring the sustainability of the forest for future generations.

What is your recyling policy?

The suppliers we work with have a comprehensive recycling program in place for the entire manufacturing process, including packaging, polystyrene, cardboard, uPVC, timber, paper, aluminium, and steel. We are committed to minimizing waste production by setting waste management targets.

How energy efficient are your composite doors?

Bristol Composite Doors are created with energy efficiency in mind, resulting in a remarkably low U-value. This means you'll feel more comfortable in your home during winter and also save money on your energy expenses.
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