Solid Door Core

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Solid to the Core Composite Doors

Solid timer core

Our Endurance Door range are constructed with 17 engineered timber laminates, providing the highest level of structural integrity and inherent strength. This unique characteristic ensures that they provide outstanding protection for your home at the very center.
Known for its durability and safety, our 48mm thick cross-bonded veneered laminated solid timber core offers unmatched strength and stability, making it the ideal option for high-security needs and providing our homeowners with peace of mind.
Endurace doors consist of 17 layers, resulting in a door that is almost 10% thicker than the majority of composite doors. By choosing our doors, you can experience unmatched levels of security and functionality. Our solid core composite door is the most durable, secure, and dependable entrance door available.


Because of the thickness of our composite doors, they have the capability to provide a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional composite door designs. Old-fashioned designs tend to distort over time, impacting the performance and look of the door.


In order to guarantee that all Endurance doors meet current standards, we conduct tests based on typical methods used by burglars. Our doors have also undergone rigorous sledgehammer tests to demonstrate the level of difficulty in creating a hole in the door of your choice.

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