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Solid to the Core Composite Doors

Solid timer core

Despite being designed to be low maintenance, our composite doors will need some care and attention to maintain their high standards of performance and appearance throughout their long lifespan. This will ensure that they remain a valuable investment for your home. For further details, we have created a detailed manual on the proper cleaning of composite doors.
We have created an easy-to-use guide to assist you with maintaining your composite door. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members for assistance. They will be glad to help you.

Clean the door using a damp cloth that is free of lint, and only use a mild, warm soapy water solution.

In order to maintain the shine of your furniture, we suggest using a clean cloth dampened with mild detergent and warm water to wipe it down once a month. Moving components should receive a light application of lubricant twice annually.

 Put an old dust sheet under the door and then open it. Use silicone spray to lubricate all the moving components, except for the locking cylinder.

In order to keep your lock cylinder functioning smoothly, apply graphite powder to lubricate it. Coat your key with graphite powder and insert it into the cylinder, moving it back and forth 10-15 times for full lubrication.

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