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 Ensuring the security of your home

When renovating your home, it is essential to prioritize security. While energy efficiency and aesthetic decisions are significant, the safety and protection of your home should be the foremost concern. Even if your home looks stunning and your heating expenses are significantly reduced, it will be of little comfort if burglars can effortlessly enter and steal your possessions. This is why we always stay updated on the newest advancements in home security at Bristol Composite Doors. In our opinion, anything that discourages unwelcome visitors is positive. We are excited to introduce two new products that will provide added reassurance. To start off, we have the ERA Touchkey smart locking system. This innovative system allows for entry without keys using fingerprint identification. However, its adaptability should not be underestimated. It stores fingerprint information as a code rather than images, making it difficult for hackers to reproduce. Furthermore, the ERA Touchkey is designed to prevent unauthorized access. You will receive instant notifications if there is any attempt to bypass it, and you can also keep an eye on your home from a distance. In addition, it gives you the capability to use voice activation to open the door and to pre-set access for specific visitors, such as technicians or plumbers. It is intended to provide comprehensive security, as well as offering four convenient ways to enter your home. We are excited to introduce our amazing new locking system, the Endurance Five Point Mechanism. This advanced system has five locking points, including four opposing hooks with a bi-directional throw. When the central brass deadbolt is engaged, these hooks are fully thrown, making it extremely difficult to break into. It would take a considerable amount of time for anyone attempting to tamper with it, providing you with extra security and peace of mind for your home. We made sure that this revolutionary new lock was suitable for all the doors in our range. Its purpose is to enhance the weatherproofing between the door and the frame, preventing any water from getting in and stopping draughts. It is backed by a ten-year warranty, although we are certain that you won’t need to use it. We are very pleased with these innovative locks and are thrilled with the way they have been developed. It’s a given that the ERA TouchKey and Five Point locking mechanisms are ideal for ensuring the safety and security of your home. If you’re interested in learning more about incorporating them into a new front door installation or replacing your current hardware, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether through our contact us form or via email at, we’re eager to connect with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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